The Week That Was And What To Read.

Each Friday or Saturday morning I plan to post the week in review, and to offer you some links and ideas on what to read for entertainment and inspiration and also on how to get your financial life in order. There’s nothing like a good read and a cup o Joe on those Saturday and Sunday mornings.


This Financial Times article details how index based investing has reached new highs. It’s catching on for good reasons, but Canadians are certainly slow to the party. Come on Canada, wakey, wakey.

But Canadian investors sure like their weed stocks. This Horizons Marijuana ETF has surpassed $1,000,000 in assets. Will investors make bags full of cash, or will this one go up in smoke? But guess what pot investors, you might not be able to roll across the US border according to  They may target pot smokers, pot workers and pot investors. I guess they’d see you as a dealer?

On the branding and investing side of things I suggest you read brand guru (well actually he’s the brand cowboy) Bruce Philp’s wonderful op-ed in the Globe and Mail on Nike’s decision to put controversial Colin Kaepernick (who regularly took a knee during the national anthem) front and centre in the new Nike Just Do It campaign.

From the land of financial writers and bloggers Dan Bortolotti answers the question of GICs or bonds for a retiree’s portfolio?

And for some Saturday reading how about Is Every Day a Saturday in Retirement? from

And on retirement math, You May Need Less Than You Think offers Jason Heath on

This week the folks at youngandthrifty are busy with their Canadian Financial Summit.

On the inspiring side I was happy to read that the iconic Canadian Brand Canada Goose will invest in Winnipeg and expand the production in that city to create 700 jobs. On LinkedIn I found this video that shows a street barber helping the homeless by offering a basic need, a simple hair cut and shave. The caring likely holds more weight than the cutting. The barber who has battled his own addictions calls this act of kindess ‘his new high’.

As far as book reads go it was a busy week for Larry Bates who was into his first full week of ‘book launch mode’ for Beat The Bank. The book has been given some wonderful reviews and Larry received some major media support by way of a BNN Interview and some radio interview coverage as well.

I certainly suggest that you read up on how to Beat The Bank.


On other wonderful reads that you can actually hold in your hands, I’d also suggest the wonderful and wonderfully funny Canadian Best Seller Wealthing Like Rabbits from Robert R. Brown. I mean, any guy who equates compounding with Rabbits doing what they do best is OK in my book. I had the pleasure of chatting with Robert this week at an event and he is as entertaining in person as he is in print. Wealthing Like Rabbits is a staple read.





If you earn enough Air Miles to visit Europe shopping at a liquor store, you’ve got bigger problems than your credit card debt to deal with.





Talk about a great 2 for 1, at the same event I also had the pleasure of chatting with Sean Cooper author of Burn Your Mortgage. This book is a staple as managing and reducing and perhaps eventually eliminating your debt is a cornerstone of basic financial planning. In his great book Sean tells us how he paid off his mortgage in a few weeks. OK maybe that was 3 years. Either way, it’s incredible what one can do when they put their mind to it. Eliminating your debt can help lead to that wonderful feeling known as Financial Independence. It’s a great read, I have an autographed copy of the book from my days with Tangerine. For the record my wife and I have burned our mortgage and carry no car debt as we drive vehicles each with 240,000 kilometers or more on the dial.



Jonathan Chevreau calls that feeling Findependence and also offers the wonderful book Findependence Day

And when speaking of must reads we simply have to include the Wealthy Barber Books. I attended one of David Chilton’s speaking engagements (best public speaker ever!) and I have my cherished autographed copy of The Wealthy Barber Returns. Once again a great read on the financial planning and investing can be anything but boring.


I was gonna write a personal finance book, but I’m too lazy for that. Plus I found that 90% of what you need to know or need to do can be communicated in a 1200 word blog. Speaking of that cup o Joe … Oh Look, I Just Found $888,000 in Your Coffee.

Thanks for reading have a great weekend. Hit that follow button if you’d like to receive email notices of new blog posts. There are some share buttons down below as well, in case you know someone who might be looking for some weekend reads.


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