About Dale And The Mission

I am a still-recovering former advertising writer and creative director DalePhotowho packed up his pen and laptop in early 2013 and made the move to Tangerine to help Canadians discover lower fee index investing. In the advertising world, I was talking index investing most of the day with ad guys and gals who did not give a crap (sorry, I like that word). So I talked my way into Tangerine where I could talk investing all day as an advisor and then trainer of the advisors. It was not work but they paid me anyway. My mission is simple. Canadians pay some of the highest fees in the world with respect to Mutual Funds. Most Canadians are still invested in high fee crap. There are many, many simple and sensible low fee options available in Canada. But Canadians are slow on the uptake, they are too nice. They need a good slap upside ‘the heed’ as they say in Scotland. Hence I left the job I loved (and my pay cheque) to create cutthecrapinvesting.com. I hope to make some noise and show millions of my fellow Canadians how easy it might be to take control of their investments, cut those fees and ties to the high fee investment industry and live ‘better financial lives’. As I often write on Seeking Alpha “hey, it ain’t rocket surgery”.

Please help spread the word – send your friends and family and coworkers the cutthecrapinvesting link, you might change a life or two. I’ll offer help or I’ll find them help.

Thanks for stopping by. Canada – it’s time to cut the crap.

Dale Roberts

Chief Disruptor @ cutthecrapinvesting

email: cutthecrapinvesting@gmail.com

This site and article content is for information purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. Please use the information here to help you shape your own opinions and investment portfolio and approach. If you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t do it. You should always know and invest within your risk tolerance level. You should know and understand all tax consequences. When in doubt seek qualified professional help.

Payment Disclosure: While I do not accept monies to write product or company feature blogs (I am not here to write ads, I was already an ad writer in a previous life) I may be paid when readers click on links and then open accounts. That typically is how bloggers/influencers are paid, it’s called affiliate marketing.

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