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Here’s the latest. So many major events that one has to act on, or in my case ignore, with a portfolio of individual stocks.

The Crazy Stuff That Happens To A Stock Portfolio.

The US Dividend Aristocrats Are Beating The Market When Least Expected. These companies are S&P 500 constituents with a 25 year history of annual dividend increases.

Blue Chip Dividend Aristocrats Are Beating The Market In A Bull Run.

From my experience Dividend Growth Investors know that the dividends do not fall from the sky.

Sorry, Dividend Investors Are Not Stupid.

A look at the Dividend options from Vanguard.

The Vanguard Dividend Growth Portfolios. Active Takes The Lead.

This article compares the behavioural challenges of holding individual stocks vs an index ETF.

Individual stocks can teach us even more about the virtue of patience.

And on the most widely held Dividend ETF, Vanguard’s Dividend Appreciation ETF.  I skimmed 15 of the largest cap holdings in early 2015.

Big Changes At The Top Of  The Dividend Achievers Index.

Can you simply buy your quality companies when they’re out of favour?

Buying My Canadian Dividend Stocks When They’re Down, Because They’re Down.

Here’s a well read article from March 17, 2019 with over 100 comments.

The Reasons Why We Don’t Use the 4% Rule in Retirement.

And this was fun, and a big hit …

If I Could Only Own 10 Companies, Here’s What I’d Do.

Dale’s most read article EVER on Seeking Alpha …

Should Retirees Really Try To Live Off Of The Dividend Income? 

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