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Tangerine Investments Tangerine Logooffers lower fee and comprehensive indexed-based portfolios for a management expense of 1.07%. There are no fees for when you buy or sell. Investment advice is available.

Here’s the Tangerine Investments Review.

The Robo Advisors Have Landed – Don’t Be Scared.



Robo Advisors help investors create complete ETF portfolios online, with very reasonable fees. For example, based on a $100,000 investment portfolio the annual fees would range from $360 to $800 (.20%-.80%) depending on the Robo Advisor selected. Investors will also pay the underlying Management Expenses of the ETFs. Human advice is also available.


Here are the leading Robo Advisors available in Canada.

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Here’s my review of Justwealth, The Robo Advisor That Knows When To Get Personal.

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Modern Advisor logo

Here’s my review of ModernAdvisor: A Better Way For Canadians To Invest.

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Here’s my review – Nest Wealth Shows You How Those Low Fees Can Be Life Changing.

Cut The Crap Investing readers can invest the first $15,000 for free for the first year.

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WealthBar review: Get treated like you’re rich, even when you’re not.

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Here’s my review Questwealth Portfolios. A new name and a new low fee Robo Advisor Champion in Canada. 

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BMO Smartfolio Smaller

BMO SmartFolio offers ETF portfolio solutions with fees from .40% – .70%. Investors would also pay the Management Expenses of ETFs and transactions costs. Advice is available.

Here’s my feature review of BMO SmartFolio.

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Here is my review of Canada’s Most Famous Robo Advisor.

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Two Active Managers 

Here are two active managers that we Intelligent Indexers consider to be “the good guys and gals”. Click on the Investment Company name to go to their site.

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Mawer Logo

The Mawer Mantra is “Be Boring. Make Money”. That’s music to the ears of many no-nonsense indexers. They believe in a simple buy and hold value based investment approach. They offer a comprehensive Balanced Portfolio for a management expense ratio of .94%. At times, they certainly can provide or create alpha. Minimums may apply.

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Steadyhand Logo

OK, I love the cheeky claim of Steadyhand that they are not Indexers but Undexers. Here’s my review Most Canadian Investors Want Advice. Many More Could Use A Steadyhand. They have those more reasonable fee structures to go along with advice and sensible asset allocation.